Creating a presentation – in a modern, professional and at the same time interesting way. We specialize in creating presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint and Prezi.

In modern times, new technologies are becoming more and more popular, it is increasingly difficult to imagine a presentation of a new product, a speech at a conference or the defense of a job without their participation. For this purpose, multimedia presentations are most often used. With their help, you can enrich every performance in an attractive and simple way at the same time.

Thanks to a suitably constructed presentation, you can, for example, present the company’s offer, a new product, strengthen its reasoning during conferences, presentations and work defenses in an extremely transparent way. The displayed slides also serve as a kind of “reminder” (you do not have to focus on what has already been said and what else needs to be said). The material presented in this form is much easier to remember by the listeners (this is particularly important, for example, to the customer getting the right awareness about the product). For this reason, creating a presentation in a professional manner by us is a great way for every person in a responsible way dealing with the issue of professional speeches.

In general, the reception of a presentation is influenced by:

  • A layout (appearance) of the presentation suitable for the presented content. The so-called “first effect” is of great importance; on its basis, the most durable and often difficult to change opinion is often made;
  • The appropriate spatial arrangement of the text on the slide. This factor has a decisive impact on their readability and thus on the reception of the entire presentation;
  • Properly selected graphics, photos. The leitmotif of the logo is important, but also the relevance of individual graphics / photos on subsequent slides;

Other visual effects such as: accurate transitions between slides, appropriately selected animations. It should be remembered that these effects can not be the basis, the most important element of the presentation.

What the recipients of our speech see very often has a fundamental impact on his final evaluation. A well-designed presentation has a positive effect on the reception of the message, which is extremely important when conducting training, lecturing, speaking at a conference or defending a job. For this reason, creating a presentation in a professional manner is very important.

The most common mistakes associated with the preparation of a multimedia presentation:

  • Charts, illustrations, graphics are arranged in a bad way or are illegible;
  • The background of the presentation, the color of the letters make it very difficult to read, or completely illegible;
  • Poorly set transitions between slides, incorrectly set rate of slide changes;
  • The transitions between the slides work in a distracting way for recipients;
  • The content presented on the slides is incomprehensible, or too difficult to receive by listeners.
  • Too many slides;
  • Too much text on the slides, which makes the slides unreadable;

It should also be remembered that the preparation of the presentation itself does not guarantee success. As in almost every case, using an interesting solution in an inappropriate way may result in the opposite of the intended result. Often one mistake will suffice for the effort and time devoted to the preparation of the presentation to be wasted. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the performance of a multimedia presentation to specialists in order to be sure that it has been done in the most professional way.

We offer help in the preparation of:

  • Multimedia presentations
  • Diploma presentations

Creating a multimedia presentation seems to be a seemingly uncomplicated task. The fact is, however, that creating a presentation in a professional manner is an art that requires having the right knowledge, experience and skills. Our presentations are based on the latest solutions on the market. We encourage you to choose our offer.

Our offer is wide (PowerPoint, Prezi) includes, among others:

  • Creating presentations, slides from scratch (written text, illustrative choice, visual effects)

Creating a presentation based on:

  • Existing slide, presentation;
  • Documents (articles, books, Internet);
  • Data (e.g., statistical data);
  • Information materials;
  • Conversations with the client.
  • Laying the presentation structure;
  • Selection of appropriate fonts and visual effects;
  • Selection of photos and colors.

Evaluation of existing presentations, slides (audit):

  • We pay attention to all the most important factors of the presentation (presentation volume, the appearance of slides, transitions, tempo, etc.);
  • We send a report evaluating the presentation. For better display and transparency for the customer, we use numeric indicators.
  • Improving existing presentations and slides:
  • Volume improvement of the presentation;
  • Improvement, refinement of the appearance of the presentation (background, written text, illustrations, graphs);
  • Improvement, refinement of visual effects (transitions between slides, tempo).

Renewing, updating an existing template.

Expanding the visual possibilities of an existing template.

Developing the original presentation of the presentation template (eg unique corporate, thematic design), including:

  • Original title slide;
  • Author’s final slide;
  • Setting the theme colors of the slides accordingly.

We also offer the option of purchasing ready-made templates prepared in PowerPoint (easy to distinguish yourself).

  • Unconventional graphic backgrounds;
  • Custom palettes of used colors.

Presentations prepared by us are characterized by high visual clarity, both for the text itself, as well as for photographs, diagrams, research charts and other graphic elements. They are made in a professional manner, we make every effort to make them memorable and they are an effective and effective form of strengthening the message.

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