Multimedia presentation – we offer professional multimedia presentation services. Thanks to a multimedia presentation constructed in the right way, it is possible to present a new product in an unusually transparent way, present the company’s offer, strengthen it, and enhance its verbal communication during the conference, presentation and defense of the diploma thesis. The displayed slides also serve as a means of reminding what you wanted to say or present. Presented in the form of a multimedia presentation, the material is much easier to remember by listeners (this is particularly important, for example, to the customer’s knowledge, awareness of the product). For this reason, the preparation of a multimedia presentation in a professional manner by us is a great way for anyone who seriously treats presentations – both commercial and scientific ones. We specialize in preparing presentations in Microsoft Powerpoint and Prezi.

Our offer includes preparing slides for a multimedia presentation from scratch (written text, selection of illustrations, visual effects) based on:

  • Existing slides, presentations;
  • Documents (eg articles, books, Internet);
  • Data (for example, statistical data);
  • Information materials;
  • Talks with the client.

Evaluation of existing multimedia presentations, slides (audit):

  • We pay attention to the most important factors of the multimedia presentation (its volume, the appearance of slides, the nature of transitions, set pace, etc.);
  • We prepare and send a special report evaluating the multimedia presentation. For better transparency, we use numeric indicators.

Improvement of existing multimedia presentations, slides:

Volume improvement of multimedia presentation;

  • Improving, refining the appearance of a multimedia presentation (presentation background, written texts, included illustrations and charts);
  • Improvement, refinement of visual effects contained in the presentation (eg transitions between individual slides, tempo).

Renewing, updating an existing multimedia presentation template.

Expanding the visual possibilities of the existing multimedia presentation template.

Development of a dedicated presentation template presentation (unique corporate, thematic design), including:

  • Original title slide of the presentation;
  • The author’s final slide of the presentation;
  • Setting the theme colors of the slides accordingly.
  • We also offer the option of purchasing ready-made templates prepared in PowerPoint (easy to distinguish yourself).
  • Custom graphic backgrounds;
  • Unconventional palettes of used colors.

Multimedia presentation is an extremely effective marketing tool useful in business. It works particularly well on the occasion of trade fairs. The multimedia presentation prepared by us is also a great idea for enriching the training, conference or presentational material. An attractive form of communication of multimedia presentations prepared by us makes the material presented with their help easier to remember by recipients.

It is also worth adding that every multimedia presentation prepared by us is characterized by high visual clarity, both in the case of the text itself, as well as diagrams, photos, research charts and other graphic elements. Presentations are made in a professional manner. We make every effort to keep them in mind and are an effective and effective form of strengthening the message.

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