Presentation of master thesis- we offer professional services for diploma defense presentation. Thanks to a suitably constructed presentation, it is possible to clearly visualize and strengthen its reasoning while defending the diploma thesis. The slides also serve as a means of reminding what to say and present. Therefore, you do not have to focus on what has already been said and what else to say. The material presented in this form is much easier to pick up by the listeners (this is particularly important when defending a diploma thesis). For this reason, entrusting us with the preparation of a professional presentation is a great idea for anyone who takes a responsible approach to defending a thesis.

Our offer includes preparing slides for the diploma presentation from the basics (written text, selection, visual effects) based on:

  • Existing slides, presentations;
  • Documents (articles, books, Internet);
  • Data (for example, statistical data);
  • Talks with the client.

Evaluation of existing diploma presentations (audit):

  • We draw attention to the most important factors of the diploma presentation (volume, content, appearance, transitions, tempo, etc.);
  • We prepare and send reports evaluating a multimedia presentation. For clarity, we use numeric indicators.

Improvement of existing diploma presentations:

  • Volume improvement of the diploma presentation;
  • Improving, refining the appearance of the diploma presentation (presentation background, written texts, included illustrations, charts);
  • Improvement, refinement of visual effects (transitions, tempo).
  • Expanding the visual possibilities of the existing multimedia presentation template.

Development of a dedicated presentation template presentation (unique thematic design), including:

  • Original title and final slide of the presentation;
  • Suitable thematically colors.
  • The ability to purchase ready-made templates in PowerPoint (stand out).
  • Custom graphic backgrounds;
  • Unconventional palettes of used colors.

The diploma presentation prepared by us is a great idea to enrich the presentation material. The attractive form of transmission of the presentations prepared by us makes that the presented material is easier to receive by the recipients.

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